Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Short Items

As I prepare a continuation of my explanation of VIEW FROM THE MOON’s emphasis on the role of Israel in American affairs, I’m posting these short items.

Missing Again

Although Israel is at the heart of the bloodshed and chaos in the Arab world, the Bush State of the Union speech mentioned Israel only once in an eight page text: “With the other members of the Quartet — the U.N., the European Union, and Russia — we are pursuing diplomacy to help bring peace to the Holy Land and pursuing the establishment of a democratic Palestinian state living side-by-side with Israel in peace and security.”

Right. He’s been insincerely mouthing words like that ever since he got elected.

Bush also mentioned nuclear-armed Israel’s next target of aggression, Iran, but he expressed no concern for Iran’s peace and security, saying only that “the U.N.” would not permit Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Senator Jim Webb’s rebuttal never mentioned Israel at all, although he spoke of matters which made it very difficult to avoid references to the Jewish state.

From an MSNBC article about sale of Pentagon surplus items:

“Federal investigators are increasingly anxious that Iran is within easy reach of a top priority on its shopping list: parts for the precious fleet of F-14 'Tomcat' fighter jets the United States let Iran buy in the 1970s when it was an ally.”

Who are these anxious Federal investigators, and why are they particularly anxious about Iran getting parts for thirty-seven-year-old airplanes? Can Tomcats fly from Tehran to Manhattan?

Why is Iran not an American ally as it was under the Shah’s cruel dictatorship -- especially since Islamic Iran was the arch-enemy of our arch-enemy, Iraq under Saddam Hussein? Certainly not because Iran had any role in 9/11. Most of the actors in the attack on the towers were Saudis, from a “moderate” and definitely not democratic monarchy which we still call our friend because of its tolerant policy toward Israel.

These kinds of questions, never raised by the “mainstream media”, must be asked again and again and again until at least a few Americans get the idea and begin to speak out.


Zoey & Me said...

I've been watching the news and am wondering if the mainstream media are making quite a big deal out of Jim Webb . . . a new to the limelight media darling. I am not surprised he didn't include your comments but it's odd, because his campaign was just the opposite. Now that he's a US Senator, what with all the media attention, forget him doing anything now for the little people.

Yves said...

Hope this is not off the topic of your post but I wanted to ask it somewhere. Apparently it is Holocaust Memorial Day. As I listened to a rabbi conduct Prayer for the Day on radio, I recalled that Jews were not the only victims in the concentration camps.

Where is the promised land for gays, gypsies and the disabled, who were also victims of the Nazi drive to purify the genetic pool?
Are they not God's chosen people too? Well I don't believe in a choosing God. My point is simply that it's politics and PR which has shaped the landscape of today's gospel truth.

A friend has pointed out that Rachel Carson, the late author of Silent Spring which resulted in global banning of DDT, is now being posthumously accused of genocide (I paraphrase inexcusably here) for all the deaths from malaria in the meantime.

Yves said...

It seems that Holocaust Memorial Day was established in 2001 by Tony Blair following prolonged lobbying by Jews. It has been judged a disaster in that it alienates Muslims. Why don't the gays and gypsies & disabled lobby too? I imagine they have more sense.

I find myself despairing of Tony Blair's government, and crying, "Why can't they just leave things alone?"

Fleming said...

Yves, your insightful thoughts on “Holocaust Memorial Day” are very welcome. I’m also seeing top headlines today about “Auschwitz Liberation Day.” And I mean top headlines, more important than anything else.

The Jewish “Holocaust” has been a major industry for years – consciously elaborated, exaggerated, and promoted to create sympathy for planting the Zionist colony of Israel in Palestine as well as to insulate Jews generally from all criticism. (Any criticism of Jews is likely to be met with the statement, “This is how the Holocaust began. Next come the gas chambers!”) I once read a quote from some Jewish leader saying, “The Holocaust has kept us safe for fifty years.”

People who, like you, emphasize non-Jewish victims, have been shouted down by the holocausters, who say outright that nothing can be allowed to dilute the claim that the Jewish holocaust was the greatest catastrophe in human history.

Point out that Stalin murdered at least 20 million and probably 55 million civilians, far more than the 6 million Jews claimed to have died in the “holocaust”, and you very well may be called an anti-Semite. In any case, there is often an underlying assumption that Jews are more valuable than other people, as in Rabbi Perrin’s statement, “One million Arabs are not worth one Jewish fingernail.” Similar statements have been made, beginning with, “One drop of Jewish blood is worth more than. . .[fill in the blank].”

Nothing must be allowed to remove the Jews from top rank in suffering for the entire history of the world. Even a film about the American Revolution, “The Patriot”, was harshly criticized by holocausters because its realistically gruesome depictions of British atrocities too closely resembled alleged Nazi atrocities and might lessen the impact of carefully nurtured images of the Jewish holocaust.

The scholar Norman Finkelstein has written, “Is the Nazi holocaust being used as a way of enlightening people about human suffering and about crimes committed against innocent people? Or is the Nazi holocaust being used to confuse people and to deny crimes which are being committed now by Jews?”