Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This illustrates Joice's comment on "Futile Gesture?" that she has the impression that the Democratic and Republican Parties are actually just one party. (That must be Joice on the left.)

Tweedledum and Tweedledee, from "Through the Looking Glass"


Davo said...

mm, have read a cynical comment somewhere in America that says .. the blue pigs have just figured out how to shove the red pigs away from the trough.

Fleming, politics does not have to BE like that. Perhaps us AUSTRALIANS still hold to, and hang on to, a political system that more or less belongs to the voters.

Long story.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Flem,
A friend of Naj is a friend of mine
I won’t add “mi casa blanca es tu casa blanca” as our bilingually illiterate president once said, but the thought is there, nonetheless.

JTLYK I’ve just added your site to my blogroll
Plus I’m a BIG fan of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson…
But won’t have time to elaborate today

Until we next meet Ecra. l’Inf. (code for “[let’s] crush the wicked”) as a famous 18th century Gallic freethinker used to say!

Naj said...

Dear fleming,

I am honored you consider me a friend.

Just came to say hello.

The illustration on your front page matches my new post: down the childhood lane. I somehow think the world is being run in such a reductionist and cartoonish way that we can perhaps solve its problems with the logic of kids.

Fleming said...

Victorino,I replied to you elsewhere, but I want to tell you I'm honored that you've visited VIEW FROM THE MOON and left a comment.

I hope I can come up with a more interesting response next time.

Fleming said...

Dear Naj, the honor is mine.

Your thought about childhood logic is intriguing. I'm headed for your blog to see what you posted there.

Fleming said...

Davo, yep, it's the red pigs vs. the blue pigs in the trough contest. I'm really encouraged to hear that in Australia parties mean something and the voters can make a difference.

Naj said...


Up in Canada, just prior to Iraq war over 150,000 people rushed to streets (braving -25 C degree cold) to say "NO TO WAR WITH IRAQ"

Then the Prime mininster of Canada, Jean Chrethien stood up to teh Bush pressure and refused to join the coalition of the willing. As a result, Canada was unfairly and illegally punished on a number of trade agreements such as lumber exportation.

It was the will of the people of this little country that gave the politicians the spine to stand up to Bush.

150,000 in a city of 1 milliion.
in the US, it would take a 1,800,000 large protest in NY to acheive a similar result. (and the winters won't be as cold! :) )

When was it that Americans marched on Washington in millions?

Yves said...

Excellent illustration to the concept.

Fleming said...

Naj, your statistics are eye-openers.

I don't know how big the biggest anti-Vietnam war demonstrations were in the U.S., but fairly big. I think they did as well as they did because the Zionist communications media didn't think the Vietnam war was of any benefit or harm to Israel and so gave good publicity to the anti-war people.

Also, don't you think that the anti-Vietnman war demonstrators were drawn heavily from the universities, where students had a personal interest in not being forced to go to Vietnam? I think opposition to the Iraq war and Zionism are centered once more in universities, but perhaps the students don't feel sufficiently personally threatened . . . yet.

Fleming said...

Yves, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing that illustration on this post.

Naj said...

Hi Fleming,

Yes you exactly commented on th epoint I was trying to make: That given the public participation, democracy WILL work.

I think there are a lot of other factors besides media's complicity with Zionist interests; such as general public's "disinterest" in politics in general.

One of my main observations, since i have been living through this post-911 ordeal has been that my fellow North American members of university, whether students or professors, do not have time or interest to learn or care about the politics of their government.

When within weeks of 911 my husband confronted some of our friends with the possibility of this having happened under Israel's watch, that Cheney has been wishing for a war in Afghanistan since 1990s; the crowd simply exploded on his (what they called)"conspiracist attitude"

I see a certain level of innocent naivite; that combined with apathy for "others" is responsible for the rise of the 4th Reich, as you so rightly put it some time ago.

I think we are suffering careerism; an epidemic not so widespread during the Vietnam.

joice said...

I am a bit ashamed I am so late to comment on this post, but here I am. Thank you for the nice post-illustration, it really seems to be an interesting match for my comment.

R.H. said...

The anti-Iraq-war marches that you're hoping for in America won't happen. Vietnam was different in many ways, the main difference being that it never bombed New York.

Fleming said...

But R.H., Iraq didn't bomb New York either.

R.H. said...

I could say Arab terrorism did it: money from Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

The culprits are known. Arguing about it is a waste of time.

You're more genuine than some -who pose as peaceniks while riddled with ideology. Communists played that game in the Fifties, but people don't fall for it anymore; they're too sophisticated nowadays.

R.H. said...

I could well blame Christian leaders too, and all their clerics, who've allowed Western Nations to sink into decadence -being too craven to speak out against it.