Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Line to Remember

Last night I heard a remarkable line in the movie, “The Million Dollar Hotel”.

A detective says to the rich Jewish character, Stanley Goldkiss, “You wanna stick with me, you’re gonna get the truth.”

Goldkiss responds:

“My people decide the truth in sixty countries every morning. And in every one it's different.”


Sophia said...

I have seen all Wenders movies but somehow Having Mila Jovovich in this one kept me away. Is it a good movie ?
By the way the quote is great

Fleming said...

Sophia, I'm honored to have a comment from such a distinguished blogger.

To answer your question, "Million Dollar Hotel" is not a good movie. In my opinion it's a ridiculously bad movie. So, you were right to stay away.

Thanks, Sophia.