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With Definitions According to the G.W. Bush, Jr. Presidency
The Communications Media of the United States

2006 Edition

Compiled by Fleming Lee

Dedicated to G.W. Bush, Jr. for his distinguished contributions to world peace, linguistics, and general improvement of the Amurrican language.

ANTI-SEMITISM 1. Any criticism of Jews, Zionism, or Israel.

2. A fact or statement depicting Jews, Zionists, or Israel as anything but weak and powerless. E.g., the following statements are demonstrably true but “anti-semitic”: “Jews dominate Hollywood.” “Jews have the power to destroy the careers of actors or television personalities accused of anti-semitism.” “Jews have tremendous economic power and can, for example, put even Japanese magazines out of business.” “Zionist lobbying organizations are able to get virtually anything they want from the U.S. Congress.”

3. Any fact or statement implying or demonstrating that Jews are not the most victimized people in history, or that their persecution has not been greater than all other persecutions combined, or that the degree if their suffering is not unique in world history. Such statements as the following have been called anti-semitic because they “diluted” Jewish suffering: “Stalin’s massacres were greater in scale than Nazi massacres.” “Other peoples have suffered as much as the Jews.” A film about the American Revolution was criticized by Jewish “watchdog groups” for depicting British atrocities against the colonists which might be interpreted as resembling alleged Nazi atrocities against Jews.

AXIS A straight line about which a body rotates, as a wheel rotates on an axle.

AXIS OF EVIL A geometrical figure considered impossible until G.W. Bush, Jr. invented a straight line with three ends. Bush stated that the three ends of the straight line were Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. Like all nations in the same neighborhood with Israel, Iran and Iraq were “sponsors of terrorism” and inherently evil because of their geographic location. Bush promoted North Korea from “rogue state” to “evil” in order to distract attention from the odd coincidence that all the evil countries of the world were clustered around Israel. Bush is working to develop a straight line with enough ends to accommodate all Arab countries.

COALITION 1. The United States.

2. The United States and Britain.

3. A term used to mislead people into believing that the U.S. has allies.

COALITION FORCES A largely fictional handful of representatives of such world powers as Tonga, Estonia, Latvia, Nicaragua, Moldova, and Macedonia, whose names are invoked by the U.S. for the purpose of lending an appearance of group-approval to U.S. military aggression against other countries.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE Deliberate targeting by U.S. and Zionist bombs and missiles of civilians and non-military facilities, in particular journalists and television facilities which might report the truth.

DEMOCRACY 1. Theoretically a system in which a group elects its leaders by majority vote based on accurate information.

2. In the United States, a system in which a population reacts in puppet fashion to carefully managed news and then votes on candidates all of whom will behave in exactly the same way on important issues if elected.

3. A condition of violent anarchy which follows U.S. invasion and occupation of any country.

4. A meaningless term with Utopian connotations used to explain the goal of U.S. and Zionist invasions or bombings of other countries and to justify U.S. and Zionist massacres referred to by the U.S. Secretary of State in 2006 as “birth pangs ”.

DEMOCRAT See “Republican”.

DIPLOMACY 1. Insincere play-acting by American representatives which takes place between the time the U.S. has scheduled a violent action such as an invasion, and the time the U.S. carries out the violent action. The purpose of the farcical theatrics is to make it appear that “diplomacy is being given a chance” to resolve an international issue peacefully when in fact the outcome is already decided.

ELECTIONS, FREE (See “Democracy”.) 1. In the U.S., elections limited to the two parties which are controlled in all significant respects by Zionists, armaments manufacturers, and international oil companies. (See “Third Party”.)

2. In “emerging democracies”, free elections whose results will be nullified by U.S. and Zionist economic and military force if the outcome of the elections does not suit their purposes – as in the free Palestinian election of Hamas party leadership in 2006, which was quickly followed by a U.S. economic stranglehold and Zionist kidnapping of elected members of the legitimate Hamas government.

EVIL An adjective applied to any nation, or to any person, which does not support U.S. and Zionist policies.

EVILDOER 1. Anyone who attacks the United States or Israel.

2. A meaningless pejorative term used by G.W. Bush, Jr. to avoid mentioning the real motivation for Muslim attacks on the United States, e.g., U.S. political, financial, and military support of Zionism and Israel.

EXPERT Any Jew who is interviewed on U.S. television or quoted in a magazine article. (See also “Genius”.)

EXTREMIST 1. A patriot.

2. Any person who does not passively accept U.S. or Zionist invasion and occupation of his country.

3. Any person who resists or speaks out against U.S. or Zionist invasion and occupation of any country, or who openly opposes U.S. or Zionist interference in the internal affairs of any country.

FREEDOM 1. An indefinably vague term of positive connotation used

(a) to describe the condition of violent anarchy and repression which follows U.S. overthrow of a government; (See also “Democracy”.)

(b) to describe the goal of any U.S. or Zionist military aggression (e.g. bringing freedom to Lebanon by killing most of the Lebanese, or bringing freedom to Iraq by destroying the country and imposing a military dictatorship decorated with a puppet government);

(c) in the United States to describe the uniquely blissful condition of the people of the United States as contrasted with the peoples of the rest of the world;

(d) in countries other than the United States to describe the uniquely blissful condition of the peoples of those countries.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH Freedom to say or publish anything as long as it is within a narrow range of opinion approved by Jewish “watchdog” groups. The illusion of actual freedom of speech is enhanced by the allowance of “free for all” topics which have no particular effect on the Jews – e.g. abortion, health care, women’s clothing, pollution, hair styles, global warming, homosexuality, and endangered species (other than Palestinians). The qualified U.S. approval of “freedom of speech” does not extend to Arab media such as Al Jazeera or any other media not controlled by Zionists.

GENIUS Any Jew of average intelligence. (See also “Expert”)

HOLOCAUST 1. In general, the fiction that six million Jews were systematically killed in “death camps” by the National Socialists in the most lamentable tragedy the world has ever seen. Originally conceived by wartime propagandists as a way to distract attention from wholesale American and British and Russian slaughter of the civilian populations of German cities, the later named “Holocaust” was then expanded and promoted by the Zionists, particularly through Hollywood, as justification for the theft and colonization of Palestine by European and American Jews. Photographs of large piles of German civilians killed in bombings of Dresden, Hamburg, and other cities are still misrepresented to be pictures of Jews killed in concentration camps.

2. In particular, the myth that six million Jews were gassed to death and burned in “ovens”, primarily at Auschwitz, Poland. Originally the gassing of Jews was said to have occurred at numerous concentration camps all over Germany – as at Dachau, where for years the internees’ shower room was shown to tourists as a “gas chamber” -- but as the impossibility of such occurrences was proved in camp after camp, the myth sought final refuge at Auschwitz despite American aerial photographs proving that no such activities were occurring even at the times when the gassing and burning of Jews was said by “eye witnesses” to have darkened the sky over Auschwitz with the smoke of burning bodies.

INSURGENT (See also “Militant”.) 1. A freedom fighter.

2. One who resists U.S. or Zionist aggression and occupation of his or her country.

INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY 1. A fantasy kingdom conjured up by U.S. presidents to create the illusion that there is an international consensus in favor of U.S. or Zionist interference in the affairs of other countries. E.g., “The international community is outraged by Iran’s development of peaceful uses of atomic energy,” or “The international community fully supports Israel’s fight against terrorism.”


MAVERICK STATE See “Rogue State”.

MILITANT A term of negative connotation to describe one who is aggressively active in opposing U.S. or Zionist invasion and occupation of his land.

MODERATE One who, while nominally disagreeing with U.S. and Zionist policies, nevertheless does nothing to oppose them. Generally used in reference to politicians, monarchs, or dictators. E.g., “Moderate Arab leaders” refers to Arab leaders in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Libya who are paid or otherwise rewarded by the United States for not taking action against Israel and not harboring anti-Zionist activists.

PEACE PROCESS 1. Indefinitely prolonged Zionist genocide against Palestinians.

2. A term used by the U.S. and Israel to create the false impression that those entities are doing something to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians and neighboring states. The inclusion of the word “process” is intended to allow the fictitious “peace process” to last forever without peace ever being achieved.

REPUBLICAN (U.S.) See “Democrat”.

RETALIATION Any destructive action taken by Israel against Arabs or Arab property under any circumstances.

ROGUE STATE Any nation which refuses to kowtow to the United States. Such nations are not included in the “international community”.

SELF-HATING JEW A label applied by certain influential Jews to any Jew who does not support Zionism and Israel, or who questions the “Holocaust”, or who otherwise refuses to cooperate with “mainstream” Jewish leadership and policies.

SETTLER (Israel) A Zionist who occupies and lives on property belonging to Palestinians or other rightful owners. The term is chosen for Zionist propaganda purposes in the U.S. because in American usage the word “settler” has favorable nostalgic connotations related to the Old West frontier as depicted in cowboy movies.

SURVIVOR Any living Jew who was anywhere in Europe at any time between 1933 and 1946.

TERRORISM Acts of violence carried out by persons who do not have airplanes, tanks, warships, submarines, or other advanced weapons. Conversely, acts of violence carried out with the use of airplanes, tanks, warships, submarines, and other advanced weapons are “national defense”, or “war on terror” or “a fight for freedom and democracy”.

TERRORIST One who must use relatively low grade and ineffective weapons in combat against a power which possesses warplanes, tanks, and other advanced weapons. E.g., a Palestinian with a hoe who defends his orchard from Zionist invaders (see “Settler”) is a “terrorist”, while a Zionist dropping American bombs on the farmer and his wife and children from an U.S.-supplied plane is conducting “a counter-terrorism operation”.

THIRD PARTY In the U.S., a political party which puts up candidates (particularly presidential candidates) to run against Republicans and Democrats. The candidates of any third party are routinely subjected to ridicule and allegations of mental instability by the American (i.e. Zionist) press. If a third party presidential candidate shows a chance of actually winning and the public cannot be persuaded that he is a clown or crazy, he risks assassination. Only closely controlled candidates within the two controlled parties may be safely elected.

UNITED NATIONS A powerless international entity whose resolutions are habitually ignored by the United States and Israel but whose name is occasionally invoked by the U.S. as window dressing, or as justification for taking violent action through deliberately misinterpreting a United Nations resolution.

WAR ON TERROR In the name of “making Americans safe”, a planet-wide campaign of bombings, invasions, kidnappings, torture, unlawful imprisonment, and illegal interference in banking operations conducted by the United States against Muslims as an ineffective substitute for making Americans safe by simply withdrawing U.S. support for Israel.

ZIONISM 1. A word not used by G.W. Bush, Jr. because he does not know what it means even though he supports the concept.

2. The theory originated by certain Jews in the 19th and 20th Centuries that because Jews do not wish to be assimilated by their host nations and can never live among non-Jews without arousing anti-semitism, and because the Jews of the world constitute a nation without a territory, all Jews should move to a state of their own. The most commonly proposed location of the Jewish state was Palestine, which inconveniently has been almost entirely owned by the Palestinians for two thousand years and more.

3. Support for “Israel”, the Zionist entity established by force and violence in Palestine on real estate stolen from its owners, many of whom still live in refugee camps while Jewish colonists occupy their homes and farms.

ZIONIST 1. A word not known to G.W. Bush, Jr. even though he is one.

2. One who advocates Zionism and supports the establishment and maintenance of “Israel” on land belonging to Palestinians. Not all Jews are Zionists, but those who oppose Zionism or condemn Zionist actions in the Middle East are likely to be shunned as “self-hating Jews”.

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