Sunday, November 26, 2006

We're Losing Patience!

One of the most grotesque features of the current attitude of the Bush maladministration toward its Iraq war – as the situation tumbles deeper and deeper into chaos and carnage -- is to bluster to the Iraqi puppet government, ludicrously cooped up in the American “Green Zone”: “It’s your mess. Fix it, and hurry up about it. President Bush is losing patience!”

The great missing piece in this nonsense is that Bush & Co., including Paul Wolfowitz (who has been kicked upstairs), and Richard Perle (who has lately turned to blaming the U.S. government for botching the lovely war he planned and promoted with lies), refuse to recognize their responsibility for the hideous mess.

Until George II invaded, Iraq was a remarkably stable, prosperous, and orderly country, considering its underlying religious and ethnic tensions and the murderous effects of years of U.S. “sanctions” begun under the reign of George I. One might say that Saddam Hussein demonstrated great leadership in preventing just the kind of civil war which has now broken out.

After invading Iraq and waffling, clueless, over the barbaric rape of Iraq’s antiquities, unique remnants of the first great civilization on Earth, the Bush gang has presided over ever-accelerating violence against both Americans and Iraqis.

Surprise, Mr. Bush! When you attack a country for no reason after starving thousands of its children, bomb its cities, shoot people indiscriminately, render most of population unemployed, make torture national policy, arrest and humiliate the country’s president and murder him via a kangaroo court, how can it be that the people don’t want the Americans in Iraq? It must come as a terrible shock that instead of dancing and singing for the invaders, the Iraqis want to kill them.

To be fair, how could even Bush’s brilliant Brains Trust have predicted that these ungrateful Iraqis, deprived of their leaders, their economy, their jobs, their accustomed supplies of gas and electricity, and their army and police forces, would become increasingly violent not only toward Americans but also toward traditionally conflicting factions. (On the subject of brilliant brains, Richard Perle has been associated with several of those propaganda generators which the press calls “Think Tanks”; a more appropriate name in this case would be “Dumb Tanks”, or more flatteringly, “Fib Vats”.) After all, says Mr. Bush, we’ve done all we can to bring the blessings of democracy to your benighted land, and our marines and army are blasting away at you day and night. What else do you expect from us? Start doing your part! I’m losing patience!

So, says Bush, let’s set some deadlines – er, milestones – for you so you can take the blame for what we’ve caused and we can high-tail it out of here.

However the U.S. gets out, what Israel wanted when it said to Bush through such people as Perle and Wolfowitz, “Let’s you and him fight”, was a helpless, impotent Iraq, and that’s what the Israel got. Democracy and freedom had nothing to do with the invasion of Iraq.

The Israeli goals of eliminating competition in its region are obviously more important to President Bush than the interests of his own country, and he may bask in
approval as long as Iraq remains one less Middle Eastern rival of the Jewish state. . . unless he balks at attacking Iran on Israel’s behalf.

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