Monday, December 18, 2006

Gas Chamber Lies: Auschwitz

The second thing in my personal experience (after my visit to Dachau) which convinced me that the “holocaust” was a myth, was research I did in Washington, D.C. using U.S. Air Force aerial photographs taken at low altitudes over Auschwitz by bombers tuning up their cameras before daylight bombing runs over certain German cities.

As we all know, once the claims of “extermination camps” with gas chambers all over Germany and Europe were admitted to be false, the huge prison camp and industrial complex at Auschwitz, Poland,(so large that it absorbed several towns) became the final bastion of the “holocaust” gas chamber myth. It has been defended desperately because when it is gone, the holocausters have nowhere left to fall back. In the process, many a contradictory story has been told about it.

I studied the American Air Force photographs at a government archive in Washington around 1978. They were very large original photographs, with dates and times. They covered a period of months in 1944 (and, as I recall, 1945) when “eyewitnesses” said that the concentration camp at Auschwitz had been gassing and burning Jews in great numbers.

As a lawyer taking part in litigation, I had read affidavits of persons who claimed to have been inmates at Auschwitz during that time. They described smoke billowing from the crematoria day and night, blackening the sky -- especially during May, June, and early July 1944 when a large “shipment” of Hungarian Jews was allegedly exterminated around the clock.

What I saw in the aerial photographs can be described quickly and simply: Not one picture showed the slightest sign of the alleged extermination activities. There was no smoke at all over Auschwitz on any occasion. The crematoria chimneys were quiescent and cool. The nearest and only smoke I ever saw in the sunny landscape was outside the camp in a farmer’s field – a small fire burning brush.

(In any city or complex of towns the size of Auschwitz, disposal of dead bodies would require significant facilities. Cremation was the method at Auschwitz, in part because (I've been told) the complex was situated on terrain which did not lend itself to graveyards. Early in the evolution of the Auschwitz legends there were stories of huge mass burial pits which apparently were never found. It was the crematoria which became the focus of the gas chamber lies.)

Furthermore, not a single photograph showed the often described lines of prisoners waiting to enter the “gas chambers”. The only queue was a short one in an open area far from the crematoria, in which a few inmates appeared to be nonchalantly lined up in front of a shelter to receive food or drink or some other handout.

As you can tell, the Air Force photographs were taken relatively close to the ground and showed much detail. If there had been people in a particular area they would have been clearly discernible. If smoke had been coming out of a chimney (or a pit), it would have been unmistakable.

I have absolutely no doubt that those pictures completely destroy the Auschwitz myth and lay bare the lies of the many “witnesses” who contributed to creating that myth.

At least one “eyewitness” claimed that when he arrived at Auschwitz and got off his train, from where he stood he could see lines of prisoners filing into “gas chamber” buildings. One of the advantages of the aerial photographs is that they provide live “maps” of the huge Auschwitz-Birkenau complex. A look at the layout of the camp around the railway lines and reception areas showed that the “eyewitness” could not possibly have seen the areas he claimed to have seen. . . unless he had the ability to look through buildings, walls, and hedges. He was simply lying. There is no way around it.

I could give other striking examples of “holocaust” witnesses fabricating stories, and I will, but for now I will just remark, based on many examples I saw in documents and photos related to legal actions and elsewhere, that the degree of dishonesty among those promoting the “holocaust” tales is astonishing. We can't believe anything they say. Pictures which might have been taken anywhere are captioned as showing things they don’t show -- as where piles of corpses of German civilians killed in Allied bombings are labeled “concentration camp victims”, or a photograph of an SS officer has been altered so that his shadow falls TOWARD the light source. A photographic view of the tops of Auschwitz buildings is said to show “ports for introducing gas”, when there is absolutely no evidence that the features of the buildings were used for any such thing. In fact detailed studies of the “gas chamber” buildings have proved that they could not possibly have been used as gas chambers and never were.

False captions, false labels, rigged and retouched photographs, transparently false “eyewitness” reports, and plain old-fashioned conclusory lies which continue to be told long after completely discredited – these and many more examples of blatant chicanery are found throughout the “evidence” of the holocaust myth supporters. I know of no better single antidote to the poison of untruth than the aerial photographs of Auschwitz.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article, but why don't you just argue that the Nazis LOVED Jews? I am sure you can find evidence that Nazis helped Jews. In about 15 years, when every Holocaust survivor is dead, your views will be even more popular.

Fleming said...

I'm publishing this ridiculous comment just to show the intellectual paucity of the people who send such criticisms.

It's amazing how consistent they are:

1. They never debate facts, never try to counter the facts set out in the post they don't like.

2. They inevitably use the logical fallacy of the "straw man" or of carrying my argument to a ludicrous extreme which I would never have intended and which doesn't rationally grow from my argument. Why would my purely factual post about U.S. aerial photographs of Auschwitz lead to an argument that the Nazis loved Jews?

This anonymous comment is clearly from someone in an untenable position flailing about in desperation.

I'm not publishing any more of this type of non-comment unless it directly addresses the facts in my post.