Monday, December 25, 2006


Because many of us feel an increase in benevolence and friendliness and unselfishness at Christmas, it must be within the realm of possibility for us to feel the same throughout the year.

If that possibility became reality, the dreadful events which make this blog necessary would begin to withdraw like an ebbing tide, VIEW FROM THE MOON might be put out of business, and only my FLIGHTS OF PEGASUS would remain.

Based on spiritual lessons that I believe are true, I do not think that any amount of praying or argument is going to change people like G. W. Bush or his Vice President or the neocons and others whose souls are dedicated to egoism, anger, revenge, violence, ambitions of power, or simply the welfare of one group at the expense of all others . . . but I do have hope that by individually freeing ourselves from such qualities and retaining the Christmas spirit of benevolence we can contribute to “raising the consciousness” of humanity in general.

The good work is done through ourselves and the examples we set in our lives, not through praying for -- or killing – others.

Watching “Merry Christmas” (“Joyeux Noel”), an outstanding film, will set the right tone.

Merry Christmas!