Thursday, February 8, 2007

Comments of Note

An extremely interesting series of comments has been published in connection with my post of December 17, “Gas Chamber Lies: Dachau”. Please don’t miss them.

As in George Orwell’s “1984”, where a major public truth can become a lie overnight and be replaced by a contradictory truth, “established truths” about gas chambers have a history of magical and incompatible transformations. This article by Masanori Nishioka from the Japanese magazine “Marco Polo” includes the following indisputable account of such a stage magician’s trick:

“On Aug. 26, 1960. Dr. Martin Broszat, a historian who was in a position to be a Second World War and ‘Holocaust’ spokesman for the West German (Federal Republic) government, made a statement to the effect that the Nazis built ‘gas chambers’ only in occupied Poland and that there were no "gas chambers" in Germany proper (Die Zeit, Aug. 26, 1960).

“Dr. Broszat was head of the West German government's Institute for Contemporary History in Munich, which until that time had announced a great many ‘proofs’ of the existence of ‘gas chambers,’ and was recognized as the organization that reflected the German government point of view on historical matters. It was Dr. Broszat himself, head of the Institute for Contemporary History, who suddenly denied the existence of what had been ‘fact’ until the day before: ‘gas chambers’ in Germany proper, in such places as Dachau and Buchenwald.

“From that day forward, the ‘truth’ of the ‘Holocaust’ was ‘revised,’ and the ‘Dachau gas chamber’ and the ‘Buchenwald gas chamber,’ which had ‘existed’ until the day before, suddenly ceased to exist.

“However, in his declaration, Dr. Broszat did not offer a single reason to explain this ‘revision of the truth.’

"After Broszat's declaration the ‘accepted fact’ was established throughout the world that Nazi ‘gas chambers’ were built only in Poland, and in 1975 even the famous Jewish activist and Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal made a declaration confirming that there were no ‘gas chambers’ in Germany proper.”

Simon Wiesenthal, the leading "Nazi hunter" whose name is given to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, admitted in a letter to the British periodical, “Books and Bookmen” (April 1975, p5) that "there were no extermination camps on German soil..."

The conscientious Japanese article cited above was carefully researched over a long period by its author and the publisher’s staff and was published in a widely read high-end men’s magazine comparable to “Esquire” is in the U.S. Although the facts in the article are correct, the publication gave rise to a shocking attack by groups dedicated to preserving “Holocaust” myths on the “Marco Polo” magazine. Among the axe wielders were the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the government of Israel. I would have thought that a Japanese magazine would be immune to such threats and slanders because there is little Jewish presence in Japan, but as often happens the attacking groups got to the publisher primarily through advertisers. . . and the magazine was closed down!

The web page linked above summarizes that disgraceful episode:

“This special report provides background to the campaign by international Holocaust pressure groups to punish a major Japanese publisher for allowing an article questioning the Nazi gas chambers to appear in one of its magazines. The article, by physician Masanori Nishioka, appeared in the February 1995 issue of Marco Polo, a 250,000-circulation monthly aimed at Japanese males. Jewish-Zionist groups such as the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, instigated a boycott of Bungei Shunju advertisers, including Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and Cartier. Within days, Bungei Shunju shut down Marco Polo. Soon thereafter, Marco Polo's successful and respected editor, Kazuyoshi Hanada, quit, as did the president of Bungei Shunju, Kengo Tanaka. (A full report can be found in an article in the March/April 1995 Journal of Historical Review, available from the IHR.)”


Eli Blake said...

there were no extermination camps on German soil

My father, who fought in the American army visited the concentration camp at Orenduff with his army buddies not that long after it was liberated.

Also, a whole division of American troops liberated the place and they found huge numbers of bodies, mass graves and very efficient killing techniques (most had been made to kneel on the edge of the mass grave and dispatched with a shot to the back of the head.) Some of the German guards captured at the time were actually quite proud of their handiwork. Hundreds of the GI's who liberated the camp are still alive today, and a lot of them also took pictures of it. Are you seriously going to tell me that a whole division of American G.I.'s made up all of this stuff en masse the day after they liberated it?

If so, I'd love to see you get up in a VFW post full of WWII veterans and say that (I could help you make the appointment).

Fleming said...

Eli Blake, if you look more closely at this post and the earlier one about gas chambers to which it refers, you'll see that I was discussing lies about gas chambers. I did not mean to imply that no Jews were ever killed by Nazis by shooting, on or off of German soil.

And please note that the statement you quote about there being no extermination camps on German soil was by a Jew, Simon Wiesenthal, who claims to be a great anti-Nazi expert on all such things.

I wish you would supply the source of the description of Orenduff right after it was occupied by Americans. While I'm not denying what you say, simply stating that a lot of other people saw something is not evidence. I'm very interested in getting to the truth.