Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How Convenient!

In my last post I included some comments on Senator Joe Lieberman’s recent public statements advocating that the U.S. bomb Iran. One of his angles was that the U.S. should bomb Iran “to stop them from killing Americans” – referring to the American military in the Middle East.

Isn’t it wonderful timing that we now read, so conveniently soon, an MSNBC headline:

‘Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns, speaking to reporters in Paris, said Iran was funding insurrections across the Middle East — and “Iran is now even transferring arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan.”’

I wonder how Burns defines “insurrections” and which ones he has in mind. In any case, Lieberman has put the bullet in the gun, an American envoy has cocked the trigger, and . . . Israel stands expectantly by, calling the plays and quietly applauding the work of its loyalists in cooking up yet another phony excuse for an American war.

I originally read about Lieberman’s statements in an excellent article by Tim King in Salem-News.com. I see that Mr. King has published a most interesting followup article, “Lieberman’s Suggestion to Bomb Iran Draws Fire and Support”. Judging from that article, those who write in support of Lieberman’s new war seem out of touch with reality, as well as ignorant of basic facts. One reader refers to Iran as “our deadly enemy”, while another says that the president of Iran has “openly stated” that Iran will attack America. What nonsense.

Congratulations to Mr. King for his good work.


Eugene D. Gibson said...

Interesting I uderstand your views but why give your full support behind those who consider you an infidels no matter your views.

Anonymous said...

The biggest crook at the US Department of Justice is Abu Gonzales, the US Attorney General. It came as no surprise that Lieberman voted to stop the vote of "no Confidence" by the Democrats a few days ago. He supports the crooks because he is one himself, and a murderer like his buddy GW Bush. The voters of Connecticut have lost their minds sending Lieberman back as an independent. His loyalty is to Israel, not to the voters in CT.

Fleming said...

Zoey, I'm glad we agree about Lieberman. I don't understand the "local politics" that sent him back to the senate.

Fleming said...

Eugene, welcome and thanks for your comment. I hope that you'll read VIEW FROM THE MOON from the beginning, or parts of it, to better understand my feelings about Israel and the United States and their terrible effects on world affairs.

I support their victims simply because they happen to be the victims, and not because I'm particularly interested in Palestinians or Muslims generally. Also, it doesn't bother me if Muslims call me an "unbeliever" in their religion. It's true, and it isn't an insult. Christians are the ones who've used the word "infidel". In any case, I'd rather be called an infidel than a "goy", which I do consider an insult.

Eugene D. Gibson said...

Thanks and keep up the good work!