Sunday, June 10, 2007

Why Can't the Tail Deliver the Dog? Also, a Joe Lieberman note.


I’ve been reading Jimmy Carter’s book, “Palestine Peace Not Apartheid”, and one of his comments on his many personal conversations with Arab and Israeli leaders stands out above all others. Carter is writing about the Saudi Arabian viewpoint in the context of U.S. failure to cause Israel to comply with various peace-making agreements in which Israel has made promises and then broken them, as well as to cause Israel to comply with numerous United Nations resolutions.

Carter wrote:

“I might add that the Saudis and many others greatly overestimate the influence of the United States, and they never understand why we cannot ‘deliver’ our own friends [i.e., the Israelis] in the Middle East when it suits our purposes.”

That sentence speaks loudly about who has the controlling hand in the U.S./Israel axis. I’ve repeatedly written in this blog about the Israel Lobby’s dominant and destructive influence on U.S. policies. Some have disagreed, arguing that Israel is a chess piece in a U.S. plan for domination of the Middle East. Historically, there may be truth in the idea that Zionism was used by “Western nations” to serve their own purposes, but today it is quite clear who holds the leash that leads the obedient American mastiff. Israeli leaders have openly boasted for years that they can bring U.S. politicians to heel whenever they please.

It is fascinating that Carter says that others “greatly overestimate” the influence of the United States on a tiny state which the Americans made possible, which the U.S. keeps alive and stronger militarily than its neighbors through massive financing and armaments, and whose foreign policy aims are dutifully supported and echoed by the U.S. in the U.N. and elsewhere. Any reasonable person would think that the United States of America would be, in power relative to Israel, the organ grinder in relation to his little monkey, and not the other way around.

I recommend Jimmy Carter’s book because of its sincerity and the unique first-hand personal experiences recounted there, even though from my point of view it is far too accepting of Israel.


As I was writing this, I read for the first time of Senator Joe Lieberman’s loud call for the United States to bomb Iran – which, if done, would fulfill one of Israel’s most fervently expressed wishes. This is an excellent example of how the Zionist tail wags the American dog. Senator Lieberman is strictly religious Jew with open loyalty to Israel, “one of the Senate's most consistent supporters of Israel, and an advocate of the Iraq War.” (Wikipedia.) His wife is named Hadassah after "Hadassah", the Women's Zionist Organization of America, founded in 1912. Zionism, in case anyone doesn’t know, is the Jewish movement which resulted in the creation of Israel in Palestine and which continues to promote Israel's interests. Need I say more?


Nabila Harb said...

Once again Fleming, you have written an important post. Although I personally can empathise with Cindy Sheehan's disillusionment with political activism in the U.S., one can't ever succumb to that sense of futility. Write on, Fleming!

Fleming said...

Nabila, your indomitable attitude is inspiring.

I echo the same message to you: Write on, Nabila!