Thursday, October 16, 2008


Come, Igor. We must stop this financial Frankenstein monster before it destroys the world.

Photo: Reuters (Candidates leaving debate, Oct 15.)
Caption: Fleming Lee


Nabila Harb said...

Unfortunately, they both are rogues who trade on their respective 'identities', the one as an 'African-American' and the other as a former 'prisoner of war'. Being captured in the course of an illegal foreign police action is NOT something to brag about nor is there any virtue in trading on alleged racial 'minority status'. The two-party system is a method by which the status quo prevents the people of the United States from having any REAL choice in government.

There was a time when having 'served' in Vietnam, especially as a VOLUNTEER, was a source of moral shame. It's a pity that public opinion has veered so far in the opposite direction as to clamour for the public to 'support OUR troops' in their global war of Occupation at any price, no matter how many civilian massacres they perpetrate in foreign lands they had no right to penetrate.

Fleming said...

I agree, Nabila, and thank you for your comment. I have no confidence at all in the workings of two party "democracy" in this country, for reasons I've often stated in this blog. The problem most conspicuous at the moment is the ignorance and stupidity of most voters.