Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Back Again to More of the Same

After an unplanned and unintended leave of absence from VIEW FROM THE MOON, I find that nothing has really changed in the Wonderland of U.S. news except that, since my last report, Paul Wolfowitz has attained a few headlines on wire services and has even been mentioned on at least one evening television report. Of course he is still a great guy as far as the United States government is concerned, in spite of his having engineered a disastrous U.S. war, for which he was rewarded with promotion to the presidency of the World Bank. I get the impression that although his popularity with the Zionists and the mass of Israel supporters (and therefore most of the American press) is undiluted, the great reservoir of enmity toward him has reached the overflow point. Along with case histories of Jewish malefactors who have been supported by influential Jews, it would be interesting to analyze the rare cases in which someone like Wolfowitz begins to be abandoned by his tribe and the communications media. Has something made Paul Wolfowitz less immune to public criticism than other Jewish men in comparable cases? Whatever the answer, I predict that if Wolfowitz is forced to leave the World Bank he will be provided with a well-feathered nest in another place.

The question of Paul Finkelstein’s tenure is still up in the air as far as I can tell. As I reported, the fanatically Zionist showboater Alan Dershowitz has made every effort to interfere in the affairs of a university with which he has no connection by opposing Professor Finkelstein’s tenure in the most outrageous and inappropriate ways. The reason, of course, is that Finkelstein, even though Jewish, has written books criticizing Israel. If he is refused tenure, he faces – because of his defiance of Jewish causes – the possibility of being fired . . . an avenue down which Dershowitz is sure to lead a loud parade. Meanwhile, Alan Dershowitz himself, far from suffering job insecurity, will in addition to his Harvard law professorship be rewarded with a job at an Israeli educational institution. Dershowitz will be joining The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya during the 2007-2008) academic year. (Herzliya is a town in Israel near Tel Aviv.) Dershowitz will teach a special class entitled "Law & Terrorism" at IDC Herzliya's Radzyner School of Law. He will, according to an Israeli newspaper, join some of “the greatest legal minds in Israel”, while the U.S., I venture to add, will lose one of its more feeble legal minds.

I will try to attune myself again to world events and write something interesting for this blog, but meanwhile it does seem that we are in a slow period in which the U.S. news simply repeats the same predictable tales every day: Democrats too cowardly to stop Iraq war funding; Republican administration too dastardly to allow a law which might end the war next year. Court Jester and titular Attorney General Alberto Gonzales still clowning, taking his act to the Senate Judiciary Committee where laughter at his performance could be heard even in the corridors outside the hearing room. Israel continuing to murder, kidnap, and torture Palestinians every day without American publicity or protest. An Iranian diplomat released after being kidnapped by American force in Iraq bearing clear marks of torture, including holes drilled into his feet, but dropping from the U.S. news in about twenty minutes. Iran for some reason being allowed a quiet period, but the Wolfowitz/Bush war in Iraq unfailingly killing large numbers of people every day – including more and more of those American troops we are supposed to “support” by keeping them there to be killed.

Speaking of stopping funding of the Iraq war, which the American voters have said they want ended immediately, how much money can it take to carry out the order, “Turn around the tanks and trucks and head for the nearest border”?


Zoey & Me said...

Profiteers control both parties so don't look for an end to the Iraq invasion soon. It's Money Fleming, pure and simple. Good post.

FurGaia said...

Glad that you are back (unlike Naj about whom I worry a bit. Heaven knows where she is. I hope that she returns soon. I do miss her blogging.)

Back to your blog. We are on the threshold of a new era, I think. A lot is happening but events are happening either under the radar or in anticipation of developments that will be drastic, one way or another, only we do not see it yet.

First, Iran and the US appear to be talking or in the process of engaging in talks.

Then there is that crucial French election between über-neocon Sarkozy and socialist (with a twist) Royal.

Finally things are moving as well in Palestine as you can read here.

Next week, Fleming, the World will have changed! Let's hope that it will be for the better.

Fleming said...

FurGaia, it's encouraging to hear from you! Thanks for coming back and leaving such an intriguing comment. I am going to read the links you included in your comment, which puts me in great suspense, but that will take awhile, and so for now I just want to tell you I'm glad to hear from you.

I also worry about Naj "disappearing". She has been a bright star in our sky, and one of the most interesting commentators on my blogs. I have no idea what has happened to her. I hope she is back soon.

Thanks again. I'll reply further.

Fleming said...

FurGaia, after reading the items linked to your comment I see what you're getting at.

I wish I could share your optimism that as the world changes in the near future it will become a better place. I'm afraid I haven't sufficiently educated myself on the possible impact of the French elections on world affairs, but I don't see that the events in Israel and Palestine are anything more than stirring the same old pot.

It is encouraging that the U.S. and Iran have shown willingness even to go through the motions of diplomatic discussion, and that the U.S. has at least temporarily stopped threatening Iran with military action. Do you think there's some real change there? What I would like to see is some convincing sign that the U.S. is going to break away from supporting Israel and its aggressive aims.