Monday, May 14, 2007

Inside Iraq

I recommend that anyone interested in what the United States has done to Iraq read this article, ’Iraq; A Hell on Earth Made in Washington D.C.’, by Marshall Adame. According to his biography Mr. Adame is a retired U.S. Marine who became an aviation management/logistics consultant who has had considerable experience in Iraq. He “personally attended and participated in many high level Coalition, State Department and DoD meetings and briefings in Iraq from 2003 until late 2006.”

The theme of his article is summarized in its second paragraph:

“From my personal experiences of living in Iraq for three years, I have concluded Americas leadership is solely responsible for the entire country of Iraq becoming a living hell of suffering, poverty, starvation and depravation, unimaginable to either Iraqi or U.S. citizens just prior to our arrival in Iraq in 2003.“

While I do not agree with all of his views, I found his article full of unique and fascinating “insider” facts about the disgraceful situation in Iraq.

I wish that I could draw well enough to create this cartoon that I imagined, and which would be a fitting illustration for Mr. Adame's article:

A vast,dark landscape of smoking ruins, populated only by distant dead bodies and emaciated children, stretches as far as we can see from left to right. Above the jagged horizon looms the huge head of G.W. Bush filling most of the sky, reminiscent of the screen images of Big Brother and the Wizard of Oz. He is saying, "Where can we bring democracy next?"


Naj said...

I wonder ...
a large population of Iraqis have left the country. I assume it is usually the rich and the powerful who can flee the flames of war at home.
Where is an Iraqi protest to American presence, outside of Iraq?

Fleming said...

Good question, Naj. I hadn't thought of that. I heard recently that a significant percentage of the Iraqi parliament (or whatever the puppet entity is called) live outside Iraq. What a farce.

Link said...

It is certainly sobering to read these insights from a miltiary person, and one who has been there. As an outsider who has none of his experience I along with have many others have drawn a similar conclusion. The current problems in Iraq the hell that has been created, can be directly attributed to the interference of Washington and the presence of foreign troops. If it were my decision I'd have them outta there within 48 hours. They must be hanging on for something, and I doubt that it is for the 'good' of anyone in particular but more likely for the continued feathering of a few oil hungry nests and that of the so called 'security' industry manufacturers, ie weapons makers.

Fleming said...

Link, you are so right. The most disgusting thing (at the moment) here in the U.S. is the politicians' effort to make the Iraqis responsible for the troubles the U.S. brought on them. We keep hearing things like, "The Iraqis have to take responsibility for solving their own problems," and "How long do they expect us to stay over there and sacrifice for them?" (Epithet deleted.) Can you imagine worse hypocrisy? Without provocation, you destroy a once prosperous country, and then tell them they're dragging their feet about reconstructing themselves. Sheer bull droppings! Expecially when the Iraqi "government" you're complaining about is a puppet shell of the invader's creation.

Yes, Link, 48 hours. As I've written, how long does it take to drive or fly to the nearest border?