Thursday, July 19, 2007

Addition to Wednesday's Post


If only Colin Powell had spoken up like this about Iraq before he helped invade it.

AP Washington
'Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday the international diplomatic Quartet on the Middle East should find some way to talk to Hamas.

'"I don't think you can just cast them into outer darkness and try to find a solution to the problems of the region without taking to account the standing that Hamas has in the Palestinian community," Powell said in a radio interview.

'He said Hamas, which controls Gaza, is not going away and enjoys considerable support among the Palestinian people.

'"They won an election that we insisted upon having," Powell said.'


From the Jewish Telegraph Agency (Baltimore Jewish Times) July 17:

‘Israel and the Quartet’s strategy has been to isolate Hamas, considered a terrorist group ["Considered" by whom?], and support Abbas. If Palestinian standards of living can be raised under Abbas’ regime while Hamas is unable to deliver in Gaza, then more Palestinians likely will support Fatah and its position of acceptance of a peaceful two-state solution to the conflict, the reasoning goes.’

Does that not sum up my accusations in my previous post? Here’s more of the JTA article:

‘A group of 10 European foreign ministers recently wrote an open letter to Blair calling the Quartet’s "road map" peace plan a failure, urging Israel to make more concessions to the Palestinians and recommending the establishment of an international force to deal with the conflict.

‘Clara Marina, a research fellow at London’s Centre for European Reform, said the letter to Blair demonstrates a widely held view among European leaders that the Quartet’s policy of isolating Hamas has been responsible, at least in part, for the current suffering among the Palestinians, and even Hamas’ military takeover of the Gaza Strip. . . . By all accounts, Gaza is teetering on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. Some human rights groups lay the blame on Israel, saying the Jewish state put Gaza in an economic stranglehold by closing its border crossings. [”Some” lay the blame on Israel? Who doesn’t?]

‘In their letter to Blair, the foreign ministers urged the former British leader “to pressure Israel to arrange for the transfer of all taxes due, the release of the thousands of prisoners who do not have blood on their hands," as well as “a freeze in new settlements and the evacuation of unauthorized settlements."’


MarcLord said...

That map is a great find. Thx for permission to cross-post. Sorry it didn't get up last night, but now I'm glad. Will lead with the map over your original post's title.


Fleming said...

Marc, in case I haven't made it clear, you are most welcome to cross post anything I put on my blog.

I think I spend more of my blog time searching for things like that map than I do writing. I have been unable to locate a map which clearly and simply shows Gaza and the West Bank within Palestine.

MarcLord said...

LOL, ditto Mr. Lee! I used to search for the picture first, before I even wrote anything. Now I've been writing more, then looking for the picture. I found that the picture seemed to change the flow of the writing.

I'll cross-post tonight.


MarcLord said...

here is a big reason I did not go to West Point, did not go to the USAFA, and did not go to Islamabad when invited:

Fleming said...

Marc, your link leads to a beautifully written review. I feel as you do about Kurt Vonnegut, and as he did about Mark Twain. Those two men are at the top of my personal list of greatest American authors.

Have you posted anything about your own history and studies? Your Profile tells almost nothing. You appear to be a professional writer, and yet your field is listed as speech automation and you write about having played football, read a book in Dutch, etc., etc., etc. How about an autobiography?