Friday, July 6, 2007

UPDATE JULY 7: ADORED BY HORDES has been attacked, warned, and threatened by "Anonymous" for linking to this blog
I request that those who value freedom of speech and sincere debate of facts follow the link to ADORED BY HORDES and post comments in support of MarcLord. Thank you!

The original part of this post follows.


I’m taking the unusual step of prominently posting this link to ADORED BY HORDES instead of just adding it to my Links list.

Why splash it all over the top of the page?

Because the blogger is a friend of mine? (No, I don’t know him except through a couple of recent Comments.)

Because ADORED BY HORDES is a very creatively written blog, and Prozac the Clown is a colorful character? (Not quite. It is creatively written, and Prozac the Clown’s visits are a lot of fun, but that’s not the reason for this fanfare.)

What is the reason?

Ego, ego, ego! My vulnerability to praise and flattery! ADORED BY HORDES has just published the best review I’ve ever had in my life.


MarcLord said...

LOL, thanks Fleming.

Prozac "knows" flattery!

Seriously, though, I have been extremely selective in who or what I link to, and every word was meant.

Fleming said...

Thank you, MarcLord and Prozac.

I have to admit I thought, "I hope to God he read my blog before he linked to it!"

MarcLord said...

hehe, yes, I read your blog and saw the tags, so knew you weren't too fond of AIPAC, et al. The average joe doesn't have a clue what AIPAC is, nor that it has done a darned good job running the country.

Fleming said...

MarcLord, I'm relieved that you looked before you linked and became guilty by association -- as your "Anonymous" threatened.

Speaking of "Anonymous", that's a very funny remark about AIPAC. I considered whether "running" was a typo for "ruining", but then I thought that what you wrote was more subtle.

The "average Joe" doesn't have much of a clue about anything, and so I just hope there are enough above-average Joes and Josephines drifting around in cyberspace to make this resource-rich blog worthwhile. (It IS resource rich; I can say that much for it.) I'm afraid I'm offending them faster than I'm attracting them.

So,while I prepare to offend even more people with some absolutely indisputable facts, it's nice to know that VIEW FROM THE MOON still has at least one way above average reader in addition to Naj. Thanks.

Fleming said...

To Everyone: Let me quickly explain that my remark in the last comment about having at least two "way above average readers" referred only to the possibility that VIEW FROM THE MOON may have no more than two readers at this time. I did NOT mean that any other readers are not "way above average." I've heard from some brilliant people here in the past, and I hope they return!

Daniel said...

Here I am, Fleming! I'm so glad you were asking after me.

You can't help it if you're above the average reader. George is an average reader. Surely you're better than him!


Daniel said...

Well here I am again, Fleming, at your command. Great to see you still beavering away, trying to motivate the great unwashed!


Fleming said...

Daniel, it is so good to hear from you again! After receiving your comments I looked at your blog, SEEKING UTOPIA, and realized how much I had missed, thinking you'd been on holiday. Very good reading and viewing there.

Come back often.