Saturday, July 14, 2007


Oh, it is so important that these dangerous men be caught!



They are probably the only "fugitives" who can’t see, can’t feed themselves, and have to be pushed along in wheelchairs. On second thought, I’m not too sure about that “only”. The Wiesenthal “Nazi hunters” may yet find a 100 year old man to accuse of persecuting Jews. Ah well, anything to keep “the holocaust” in the news.

MSNBC/Associated Press July 13


‘Austria wants to find Alois Brunner and Aribert Heim [one a doctor and one a Nazi military officer, Ret.], both in their 90s if still alive, and bring them to justice. [Brunner is 95 years old if still alive; he worked for the US CIA after the Second World War. Heim is 93 if still alive; he had a medical practice at Baden-Baden spa until he disappeared in the 1960’s.]

‘A notice posted on the Justice Ministry’s Web site this week features photos and descriptions of Brunner and Heim and offers rewards for information leading to their capture. Brunner, the most-wanted Nazi war criminal, according to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, is described as having mutilated hands and only one eye, after reportedly being disfigured by mail bombs.’


1. Is it really “Austria” that “wants to find” these men?

2. Did the Wiesenthal Center mail those bombs or did they just cheer from the sidelines? Is Austria having any success prosecuting the mail bomber?


Zoey & Me said...

Any chance we could hire Si to find bin Laden? He's a tad younger and may still have his memory skills in tact. Where do you find this crazy stuff?

Fleming said...

Zoey and Mysterious Other Person, your idea is brilliant! The Simon Wiesenthal center needs some way to make money tormenting people now that the Nazis are either dead or 100 years old. Sic 'em on bin Laden.

I get almost all my news items from either Google News or my home page, where I have headlines and stories from half a dozen sources such as Reuters, MSNBC, and the New York Times displayed. Oh, and I also watch Keith Olbermann's 'Countdown' on TV.

On Excite you can choose to display which of many news sources you want displayed.

MarcLord said...

Great idea, Z&M, should've worked it into my OBL post.

From Switzerland I once called a much older colleague in London, someone who knew my voice very well, but I still was able to prank him with: "Hallo, Mr. Roy? Here iss Simon Wiesenthal. Vee now have reason to believe zatt you know ze vereabouts of one Martin Bormann. We consider zis a matter most urgent. I should like at ze earliest conwenience your call."

He stammered and claimed he had absolutely no contact with Bormann or with any Nazis whatsoever, and that I must have dialed a wrong number. I pressed him (vee know you were in Argentina in '49, yes?) and promised him a visit, and when he became angry I hung up on him.

I met him a week or so later and we'd had a couple pints I turned to him and asked, "Been meaning to ask...why on earth do you know where Martin Bormann is?" His eyebrows shot up, and then, while turning slowly, he said, "Why you bloody clot!" And many other expletives to follow. Awful, but great fun.

(I am a shpeaker of zhe Germann.)

Fleming said...

Great story, Marc. I'm sure that many of Wiesenthal's victims were just as surprised as your friend when they found out they were wanted "war criminals". I have had a lot of experience in court proceedings with the way those baseless charges are supported by lying "eye witnesss", manifestly false affidavits, and so forth. I'm not kidding. Men as innocent as your friend have been hounded, persecuted, deported, jailed, even steamed and frozen in Israeli prisons.

I've answered your comment on "New Signs of Decline".

MarcLord said...


I am just thankful for not having to witness these things myself, but do not doubt that they occurred. It sounds like you have personal experience in the area and knowledge which would explain your lack of sympathetic pretension re: Zionism.

In Hannah Arendt's "Eichmann in Jerusalem," you get the feeling that Israel had already done much worse, or was going to. They blithely violated another nation's sovereignty the first of many, many times. I am not defending Eichmann. Much. I will defend him a little. He was a careerist, an incompetent, someone who got taken along with a more powerful flow. But he had wanted to help Jews emigrate, not send them to be worked to death.

Fleming said...

Marc, your words are very clear and reasonable as usual.

Yes, it does happen that as a lawyer I had personal experiences in the area we're discussing and met some of the victims and persecutors as well as studying much allged "evidence" in case files and elsewhere. (My MOON post on the Auschwitz aerial photographs is an example of how revealing it is to look at the evidence instead of reading the twisted conclusions.) I'm now thinking that it's a very rare American lawyer who's had the opportunity to see what I saw, and so it would be good for me to post an article or two on the subject.

Anonymous said...

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Fleming said...

Anonymous, thank you very much!