Monday, September 14, 2009



I have repeatedly emphasized an obvious fact which has been kept from the American people's attention. The cause of the attack on the Twin Towers was the United States' support of Israel's aggressions and illegal occupation and theft of land in Palestine. The attack was not for such stupid "reasons" as "They hate freedom" or "They don't like our way of life." It was plain and simple a war on the Israel/US coalition which has brought poverty, torment, and captivity upon the Palestinian people.

The painstaking ignoring of the obvious has been achieved by refusal to report numerous statements by Arabs that the cause of Muslim hostility to America is Israel. Now Bin Laden himself, the planner of 9/11, has issued a statement which makes the cause specifically clear. But will you hear these important words on television? I doubt it.

'(AGI)[Italian News Agency] - Washington, 14 Sept - Three days after the eighth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden has once again made himself heard. In an audio message the al Qaeda leader warned the American populace over the close ties between its government and Israel,"which induced me to plot the attacks on the Twin Towers." The message was broadcast on an Islamic site used in the past by the terrorist network. "The time has come for you to break free from the fear and ideological terror of neoconservatives and the Israeli lobby which wanted the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," said Bin Laden in the message, called "Declaration to the American Populace".

[He] then explained the "reasons for the dispute" with the American populace: "your support for Israel, which occupies our territory in Palestine". In the message Bin Laden said that there had not been a true change in US policy, since Obama has kept representatives of the Bush administration in the government -such as Defence Secretary Robert Gates. "The White House is under the control of pressure groups. Instead of fighting to free Iraq as Bush wanted, the White House is what needs to be freed. The bitter truth is that neoconservatives continue to cast a heavy shadow over all of you."'

(Neoconservatives is a sugarcoated word for Jews who moved into the Republican Party, primarily to exert their support of Israel there.)




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Nabila Harb said...

Unfortunately, the entire affair of the demolition of the Twin Towers remains shrouded in mystery. You have the Zionists with prior knowledge both working in the Twin Towers and those from that dubious moving and storage firm as well as indications that the U.S. government either collaborated in the attacks or at the very least allowed them to occur. Usama bin Laden may take credit for the planning of the attacks but the actual events, including scientific evidence of bombs planted INSIDE the buildings leaves one without the conviction that Al Qaeda actually is fully in control here. Undoubtedly, however, 95% if not more of international hostility against the U.S. government and therefore, its citizens is CAUSED by U.S. foreign policies round the globe. And yet the unwitting masses continue with their flag-waving and their 'Support our Soldiers' slogans and banners when the U.S. military supports indefensible U.S. policies.