Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I’ve burrowed deep into my den preparing that report I promised on the Russian “oligarchs”, who have something in common with I. Lewis Libby in addition to the fact that all but one oligarch is running around free in spite of being a criminal.

I thought it would take me a morning to research and write the oligarch post, but it became so intriguing – like a mystery story in which new clues and connections keep turning up – that I’ve been holed up with it for three days. The sad side is that although I’m thoroughly entertained, most other people may find the twisted tale thoroughly boring.

Meanwhile, as I try to make the story shorter, it keeps getting longer.


Today’s News:

My Comment on Today’s News:
There isn’t any. At least there’s nothing of importance new since yesterday, although the News Behemoth is belching forth the same amount of smoke as usual.

Interesting . . . fewer significant events don’t result in fewer words, but significant events may not be put into words at all.

Poll Results

I’ve taken a highly scientific poll of 1000 people, and here are the answers:

‘How many believe that G.W. Bush is a great leader and military strategist?’

‘How many believe that Saddam Hussein attacked the Twin Towers?’
3 (the same two, plus one Fox News commentator)

‘How many believe that Iran has atomic bombs which it can launch to Israel or the United States at any time?’
2 (the original two)

‘How many believe that Israel is an asset to the United States?’
2 (guess which 2)

‘What are your three main reasons for thinking that Israel is a great asset to the United States?’
1 (Reasons: a. All the U.S. bases that Israel has let us build in Israel. b. All the Israeli troops that are fighting alongside Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. c. “Duh, dunno. Doesn't Israel give us lots of money?”)

Oh, all right. It was a fantasy poll, but it was highly scientific.


Zoey & Me said...

My God . . . you've found a new career!

Naj said...

Just stumbled on this:

Naj said...

Israelis fighting alongside Americans ... haahhahah!

Israelis didn't even provide intelligence to the US about the 911 events!

Fleming said...

Naj and Zoey, I see I really have fallen behind. Thanks for the comments -- and, Naj, for the URL.