Monday, March 26, 2007

The Perfect Solution

“UN Imposes Iran Sanctions”

“Iran Retaliates by Reducing Cooperation”

“Defiant Iran Roils Oil Markets”

“Israel Equips Planes to Bomb Iran”

“Iran Vows to Proceed with Civilian Nuclear Power Program”

“Congress Removes Iran War Restriction from Legislation”

“Bush Warns. . . “ “Bush Threatens. . .” “Bush sends. . .”

“Iran Military Warns U.S. Against Any Attack”

I have the perfect solution. It’s easy. It’s legal. It’s foolproof.

Leave Iran alone!

Isn’t it nice when the perfect solution to a problem is to do nothing?

Leave Iran alone!


magiceye said...

:) absolutely!!! loved it!!

Fleming said...

Magiceye, thank you! I'm thankful for your encouragement, all the way from beautiful India.

I just looked at your blog and an enchanted by your "photings". I'm going to add a link to your blog from both of mine. If you'd prefer not to be linked to one or the other, please let me know. My FLIGHTS OF PEGASUS seems more like yours than this one.

Please visit again.

Naj said...

This is the most brilliant summary of all this madness that is spreding around.

This post needs to be bannered and posted on EVERY highway.

ooonly if I had money ... The reason why AIPAC is wrecking the world is because they HAVE money!

Thank you Fleming ... your post really brough tears to my eyes ... so did goatman's new post, which is a beautiful poem by rumi, Iran's 13th century poem.

Iran will stand, many a rapist have violated it in the past thousands of years ... Iran WILL stand ...

Fleming said...

Naj, that's an inspiring comment.

About AIPAC's money, you're right. We don't even have anybody trying to collect money for our side. It's not only money, though, which can make or break a politician, but also AIPAC's ability to work on their herd's carefully cultivated fears and emotions in a tremendously effective way which leads to concentrating their vote in elections.

Thanks very much for your words, and the beautiful poem.