Friday, March 9, 2007

Update on yesterday’s VIEW FROM THE MOON.

If these quotes don’t show the kind of orchestrated campaign whose basis I suggested yesterday, I don’t know what could. I said when I started this blog that I was going to publish the significant things which are missing from the U.S. news, and so I am going to repeat: Irving Lewis Libby is getting this incredibly high degree of media support because he is Jewish. By now Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald (hmmm, could he be Irish, or is it anti-Irish to ask?), is being painted as the villain in the Libby melodrama, while Libby, though undeniably a criminal, has been elevated to something just short of superhero.

Editor and Publisher:

'Law and Order Newspapers Urge Pardon for Libby
‘NEW YORK A number of newspapers normally tough on "law and order" issues have come out editorially for the immediate freeing of Lewis "Scooter" Libby, convicted on Tuesday in a federal court of four counts of perjury and obstruction of justice.’

The New York Post:

‘President Bush should make things right - by pardoning Libby.

‘Free Scooter Libby.’

Wall Street Journal:

‘The conviction is certainly a travesty of justice, though that is not the jury's fault. The 11 men and women were faced with confusing evidence of conflicting memories in a case that never should have been brought....’

Wall Street Journal March 7, 2007:
‘The Libby Travesty
Mr. Bush owes the former aide a pardon, and an apology. . . . The time for a pardon is now.’

New York Sun:

‘The president's best move would be to exercise his absolute and unfettered bedrock constitutional prerogative of a pardon.’

NRO Online:

‘The Time for a Pardon Is Now. A lot of Republicans seem to be nervous about a pre-2008 election pardon, and John Podhoretz argues . . . that as the leader of his party President Bush should wait until his last days in office to issue a pardon. I think Bush could pardon Libby tomorrow without its affecting the election one way or the other.’

Washington Post March 9, 2007

‘Fitzgerald's Folly
‘A Textbook Case for a Speedy Pardon

‘By Charles Krauthammer

‘A presidential pardon . . . should have been granted long before this egregious case came to trial. It should be granted now without any further delay.’


N. said...

Yeah, the only way Bush's pardon will be justifiable is to come clean sand say:

Libby, sorry you tool the fall for me. I take responsibility for the misconduct, I pardon you and I resign and go hide in a cave to repent for the rest of my life!

Daniel said...

The papers should be calling for Bush and Co to be put in jail with Libby!

But then the papers (and the media) are largely controlled by capitalists who favour right-wing governments who allow them to make lots of lovely money.

The biased reporting of most of the world's media is a real worry!

Fleming said...

N and Daniel, thank you for the good comments on what I felt would be a controversial post. I couldn't agree more that Bush and Cheney and others should be in jail along with Libby. N, I know you suggested a penitent's cave for Bush, but I think he'd look better behind bars. Anyway, I don't think he's capable of reptentance.

Daniel, your reference to money is timely for me because just this morning I was thinking that I've neglected writing enough about the power of greed in human events.

Zoey & Me said...

Fleming, you are an attorney, did Fitzgerald do the right thing by bringing Libby to trial? Should he have held out for bigger game like Darth Cheney or stage mom Rove?

Fleming said...

Vic, good question. I think the prosecutor should have indicted them all, especially Libby and Cheney. As for any legal reasons he didn't do that, I haven't looked into them, but I will.


Anonymous said...

Fleming, looking at how Libby lied under oath, I think he must have prayed that Kol Nidre prayer you quoted and took it seriously. ; )

Naj said...

Speaking of greed, what do you think of my new post?! Eager to hear your thoughts.


J said...

"Scooter, Scooter, Scooter". Something is suspicious about referring to him in that way. Doesn't that nickname make you feel warm fuzzies? Methinks this is not unintentional!

Fleming said...

Absolutely, J!

I wish I'd thought of that.

Poor cute little Scooter.

Fleming said...

Naj, thanks for drawing my attention to your new post about the Iran oil bourse. It is very, very informative and enlightening. I hope that many people read it and learn from it.