Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Olbermann and MSNBC Flunk Backbone Test


I watched all of MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” last night, and quite a bit of “Scarborough Country”. Not one word was said about the big story of the day, which I quoted and discussed in my previous post.

Yesterday MSNBC online reported that the Democrats had eliminated from proposed legislation the requirement that Congress approve an attack on Iran before Bush could launch such a war. Politicians said that the reason for the elimination of any restraint on Bush was Israel’s fear of Iran. What could be a bigger story than that? “Democrats Clear Way for Bush Attack on Iran Due to Israeli Concerns”.

Please read the full story I posted yesterday if you haven’t. The big point now is that last night Olbermann/MSNBC TV avoided the most important story altogether and found the US Attorney General scandal so fascinating (even though no laws were broken) that virtually the entire hour-long program was filled with Attorney General Gonzales and the usual “celebrity” sewage.

It seems that every time I stray from my original announced aim in VIEW FROM THE MOON – to provide important facts that are missing from mainstream news coverage in the United States – events bring me back on track. It also seems that those events are almost always related to Israel and its supporters – whether it’s a Zionist Harvard law professor attacking Jimmy Carter for supporting Palestinian rights or the present case, in which the United States Congress, incredibly, has abdicated all responsibility for preventing Bush & Co. from starting a war with Iran.

If you think about it, this is one of the worst things that has happened in a long time. If our politicians are going to throw us to the war dogs for Israel’s sake, isn’t it time to analyze and ask questions?

First, why should “Israel’s fears of Iran” have any impact on the U.S. Congress at all? In case you haven’t looked lately, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maine, Iowa, and Arizona are on the North American continent, not in Palestine.

Second, Israeli concerns about Iran are childish anyway. Even if Iran does try to develop atomic weapons it would take at least ten and probably fifteen years to do so. Besides, Israel already has its own nuclear arsenal, as well as a much more powerful military than Iran, courtesy of the U.S.A. It's as if the United States were quaking and wringing its hands today because Gautemala began a nuclear power program.

Third, why would the Israeli Lobby strive so hard to eliminate the requirement of a congressional green light for a Bush attack on Iran if it weren’t to guarantee that widespread American public opposition to such an attack could find no expression in Washington? Bush can be trusted to start any war that Israel wants, but if congressional approval were required, there would be just a tiny chance that Congress would flash a red light. A tiny chance indeed, considering the Israel Lobby’s power over Congress, but perhaps a chance.

Democrats are still trying to lie their way out of the quicksand of their advance approval of the Iraq war. What possible excuse will they invent for having let Bush know that he has a free hand to attack Iran?


Naj said...

Hi fleming,


I see Israel as this barking dog. I wish American politicians had teh guts to give it the kicks and say :"will you SHUT UP for a minute?"

Zoey & Me said...

I am amazed Fleming. Everything you write in this post is totally accurate. The Congress is doing this knowingly and all I can say is there is no more a two party system in this country. Americans need to find a third party that isn't controlled by corporate America, the likes of Halliburton. What's the difference if the Dems give Bush the nod or the Rethugs do?

Naj said...

Loopy said...

this is exactly why i didn't think a change in the congress would really make a big difference in terms of foreign policy, the israel lobby has too strong of a hold on US politicians.
there is a saying in persian (probably doesn't make too much sense in english) which says the yellow dog is the brother of the wolf. pick the label you want, republican, democrat, in the end, for hte policies that matter worldwide (i.e. not gay marirage, abortion, etc) they all play on teh same team...
if the american people truly wake and say...enough is enough...somethign might be done...otherwise...more war...more destruction..
great blog.

bijan said...

Great blog. Thanks :)

Fleming said...

Loopy, great comment. Thank you. I hope I'll hear from you again.

I just looked at your excellent blog for the first time, and I'll soon be back to read more. You and Naj (Neo-Resistance) are getting me excited about Norouz . . . which I never knew about until this year. I can see that is a wonderful festival, and very meaningful to me even though new to me.

Fleming said...

Bijan, welcome, and thanks for the comment. I've just had a first look at your SocalPersian blog and am looking forward to reading more.


jurassicpork said...

If no laws were broken over the US Attorney firing scandal, then why has the WH been stonewalling about it? Why is Harriet Miers being offered up as a human sacrifice. Why did Gonzo lie to Congress? Isn't firing US attorneys for partisan poilitical gain a circumvention of Justice Dept. regulations?